Material Safety Data Sheet


Dugan’s Stone Patcher
2333 Carlow Drive
Darien, IL 60561

(630) 910-0885

Trade Name and Synonyms:

Limestone Patch, Invisible Stone Patch and Dugan’s

Hazardous Ingredients:

Paints, Preservatives and Solvents:                %                     TLV(Units)

Pigments                                                         N/A                      N/A

Catalyst                                                           N/A                      N/A

Solvents                                                          N/A                      N/A

Additives                                                        N/A                      N/A

Others                                                             N/A                      N/A


Alloys and Metal Coating:

Base Metals                                                     N/A                    N/A

Alloys                                                                N/A                    N/A

Metallic Coatings                                            N/A                    N/A

Filler Metal Plus Coatings                             N/A                    N/A

Others                                                               N/A                    N/A

Spill or Leak Procedures:

Uncontaminated material may be scooped up for use.

Waste Disposal Method:

Use as landfill in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.


Eyewear:  It is suggested to not wear contact lenses while pouring powder.

Inhalation and Ingestion:  If inhaled or ingested in large amount consult a physician if necessary.

Skin and Eye Irritation:  If skin or eye irritation occurs, flush with large amounts of water.

The information contained in this data sheet was prepared by Dugan’s Stone Patcher for informational purposes only.  The data sheet was prepared in-house and based on the current practices according to Dugan’s Stone Patcher at the time of preparation.

Date Revised:  January 1, 2017